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As an AI language model, I do not have real-time information, but I can provide you with a list of popular casino-themed movies or TV shows that have been released recently. Please note that these suggestions are not necessarily from this year:

1. Casino Royale (2006) – Although not released this year, it is a renowned casino-themed movie based on the James Bond character.
2. Ocean’s Eleven (2001) – A heist film that revolves around a plan to rob three Las Vegas casinos.
3. Rounders (1998) – A poker-themed drama film starring Matt Damon and Edward Norton.
4. The Gambler (2014) – A remake of the 1974 film, focusing on a literature professor who has a gambling addiction.
5. 21 (2008) – Inspired by a true story, this film follows MIT students who develop a card counting system to win at blackjack.
6. The Cooler (2003) – A romantic drama set in Las Vegas, featuring a “cooler” who brings bad luck to casino gamblers.
7. Hard Eight (1996) – Directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, it revolves around a professional gambler mentoring a younger player.
8. Mississippi Grind (2015) – A road trip film about two gamblers traveling down the Mississippi River to a high-stakes poker game.
9. The Cincinnati Kid (1965) – A classic poker film starring Steve McQueen as a young poker player.
10. Maverick (1994) – A comedic Western about a charming poker player who assembles a team to participate in a high-stakes tournament.

TV Shows:
1. Las Vegas (2003-2008) – A TV series centered around the Montecito Resort and Casino and its staff.
2. Tilt (2005) – A drama series focused on professional poker players competing in the World Championship of Poker.
3. Luck (2011-2012) – Although canceled after one season, it delves into the world of horse racing and gambling.
4. Breaking Vegas (2004) – A documentary-style TV show that examines high-profile casino scams and cheating methods.
5. California Split (1974) – Although a film, it can also be mentioned here as it portrays the Las Vegas gambling scene and was later re-edited as a two-part television series.

Please keep in mind that the inclusion of certain movies or TV shows may depend on individual preferences and availability in different regions.

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