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While popularity can be subjective and vary over time, here are 10 gambling-related podcasts that have gained recognition in recent years:

1. “Gambling With an Edge” – Hosted by professional gamblers Bob Dancer and Richard Munchkin, this podcast offers insights into strategies, interviews with experts, and discussions about the gambling world.

2. “Beating The Book with Gill Alexander” – Gill Alexander covers sports betting and handicapping, bringing in industry experts, professional bettors, and media personalities for insights and analysis.

3. “The Sports Gambling Podcast” – Hosted by Sean Green and Ryan Kramer, this podcast covers a wide range of sports betting topics, including game analysis, picks, and interviews.

4. “Behind the Bets” – Doug Kezirian and a panel of experts discuss betting strategies, odds, and offer insights into the sports betting industry on this ESPN podcast.

5. “The Betting Guy” – Presented by Gary Wiltshire, this podcast focuses on horse racing and football betting, offering tips and strategies for success.

6. “Bet the Process” – Rufus Peabody and Jeff Ma discuss sports betting analytics and provide a data-driven approach to help listeners make more informed wagers.

7. “The Crackin’ Aces Poker Podcast” – Hosted by Nate from Barstool Sports and professional poker player Jeff “Boski” Boski, this podcast covers all things related to poker, including strategy, player interviews, and industry news.

8. “The OddsBreakers” – This podcast focuses on various aspects of sports betting, offering picks, insights, and discussions on different betting strategies.

9. “The Poker Life and HSPLO Podcasts” – Joey Ingram hosts multiple poker-related podcasts, delving into poker strategy, interviews with professionals, and analysis of high stakes poker games.

10. “Sports Gambling Radio” – Dedicated to sports betting, this podcast features discussions and interviews with experts, along with tips, picks, and industry news.

These are just a few of the popular gambling-related podcasts available; of course, there are many others out there that may appeal to different preferences and interests.

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