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The top 10 emerging markets in the gambling industry are as follows:

1. India: With a population of over 1.3 billion, India has a significant potential market for gambling, especially online betting and poker.

2. Brazil: Brazil has a large population and a culture that enjoys gambling, making it an attractive market for both land-based and online gambling operators.

3. Mexico: Mexico’s proximity to the United States and its growing middle class make it a promising market for gambling, particularly land-based casinos and sports betting.

4. Japan: Japan recently legalized casino gambling, opening up a massive market for integrated resort development and attracting foreign investment.

5. Philippines: The Philippines has become a popular destination for online gambling operators targeting the Asian market due to its favorable regulations and growing internet penetration.

6. South Africa: South Africa has a well-established gambling industry, and its growing middle class and increasing tourism make it an emerging market for both land-based and online gambling.

7. Russia: Russia has a large population and a growing appetite for gambling, particularly online sports betting and casino games.

8. Colombia: Colombia has seen significant growth in its gambling industry, largely due to favorable regulations and a growing population with increasing disposable income.

9. Thailand: Although gambling is illegal in Thailand, it remains a popular activity in the country, leading to a rise in online gambling platforms catering to Thai players.

10. Vietnam: Vietnam has relaxed its gambling laws in recent years, leading to a rise in integrated resorts and attracting significant investment from foreign operators.

Note: It’s essential to consider that the status and regulations of gambling industries in different countries may change over time, impacting their position in the emerging market rankings.

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